About Us

What I can offer to my customers' is simplicity. It's all about the line of the silhouette and the cut of a coat can not just change the way that you feel but the way that you move.

My aim is that your piece is the best item of clothing that your granddaughter and great granddaughter will find in your attic - it still looks and feels fantastic.

That is the definition of a classic - it goes on forever.

- Katherine Hooker

“Katherine Hooker Hacking jacket ranked #1 national treasure.”

- Vogue

About Katherine

Born in Cyprus into an American family and brought up in French-speaking Africa until she was 10 years old, Katherine’s earliest memories are full of colour, intrigue and nostalgic abandon.

In the summer of 2003, Katherine boarded a plane to India armed with a suitcase full of tweeds. Working closely with a village tailor in Kerala, she designed a classic winter coat - the Braid coat, perfecting the cut and detail.

Three weeks later, Katherine touched down in London with six original coat designs and Katherine Hooker London was born.

Like Katherine herself, the designs are wholly individual: vintage East Coast America fuses with contemporary England, glinting with subtle references to people and places that have sparked her creative vision along the way.

Proudly British Made

British manufacturing with all the pride, quality and control it gives is at the very heart of the brand's past, present and future.

Each piece is expertly hand cut by experienced tailors, and made in an East London workshop. Having worked together closely for approaching 20 years, the team have a synchronised and meticulous approach to creating each garment, combining traditional techniques with innovative styles and finishes.

Although Katherine is now known more for her seasonal Ready-to-Wear collections, the heart of the company lies with its renowned Custom-Made service. With an extensive library of British, Italian and Austrian fabrics at the team's disposal, customers are spoiled for choice. It is with great pleasure that the team are able to work so closely with both customer and workshop throughout the process of making a Katherine Hooker piece. 

 “An authentically Anglo coat in one fitting - Katherine Hooker’s London shop is a must-visit for custom-tailored jackets.”

- Wall Street Journal