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Is there anything more luxurious or pleasing than owning something completely bespoke? Owning a dream piece made specifically for you by the world’s greatest craftspeople has to be the zenith of a woman’s sartorial collection.

At Katherine Hooker our custom-made service is at the core of what we do. We can make your dreams come true, creating your perfect piece, beginning with an appointment in our London store.  You can choose from our carefully sourced, luxurious fabrics and customise your garment to make it truly unique. Each piece of clothing will be personally tailored to be the perfect fit for you.  

We are not the only luxury retailer who is putting you in the driving seat when it comes to fashion designing. From bespoke swimwear and lingerie, to watches and perfumes, there is myriad of choices to make sure that what you wear, carry, smell of is one of a kind.

Here is a selection of favourite bespoke brands:

Penhaligons Bespoke perfume

Picture credit:  Jen Leonard


The British Heritage brand has been around since 1870 so there is no doubt about its expertise when it comes to pinpointing the perfect fragrance for you. Penhaligon’s semi-bespoke offering invites customers to select a base note, with four of the main olfactory families represented – chypre, woody, amber and oriental. This is then layered with one of Penhaligon's signature scents, of which the four to choose from include Rose Centifolia Absolute, Oud Wood Essence, Iris and Sandalwood. The fragrance is measured and mixed before your eyes at the lab-like station tucked away at the back of its Harrods boutique.

If money is no object, Penhaligon’s Bespoke by Alberto Morillas comprises of an eight month process of trial and error that costs £35,000. It’s an investment in time and money to get you smelling exactly how you’d like. It begins with an initial interview, lasting between one and three hours, from which a first suggestion is made six weeks later. Customers are encouraged to wear the fragrance to get a sense of how it changes throughout the day, before the feedback process starts.

When the final perfume is agreed, it is delivered in two handmade and custom-designed 200ml bottles, complete with silver travel atomiser and funnel. The formula itself is kept by Penhaligon's for refills. The signature scent will never be replicated. 

Luna Mae

Research shows that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, which is little wonder when it is thought that most only go to one bra fitting in their life. To avoid that pitfall why not skip right to the great heights of not only having a bra that really fits but one that was made for you?

Set up by Claudia Lambeth who says she was frustrated by the quality of lingerie on the market, Luna Mae’s shop sits on Belgravia’s Elizabeth Street, among the bespoke tailors of St James’s Park, where it provides the world’s most glamorous customers with their lingerie and swimwear. Customers – many of whom have NDAs against their names - fly in from as far as New Zealand for an appointment with Claudia who treats them to Champagne, macarons, whatever they request. A fitting at Luna Mae is an experience, as much as a shopping expedition. 

The services range from personalised pieces made semi-bespoke from existing patterns and fabrics to fit you, to fully-bespoke, which costs from £1,200. Handcrafted to the standards of Haute Couture, the bras and knickers are silk-lined creations, made with hand-stitched Chantilly lace, silk-encased elastic and gold-plated clasps. 


Mon Purse, bespoke handbags

Picture credit:  Betül Yıldız

Mon Purse

If what you’re looking for in a handbag is originality then look no further than Mon Purse. An Australian brand with two outlets in the UK and state-of-the-art technology which allows shoppers to select from thousands of combinations.

Set up by Laura Hopkins who was inspired in part by the children’s brand Build a Bear (where a child creates their own cuddly toy) and in part by her own fruitless search for the perfect handbag. Hopkins travelled the world to find the best tanneries and ateliers, hand-selecting quality fabrics and employing skilled craftspeople.

You're able to fully customise your design — the leathers, colours, finishes, hardware, interior, and monogram — and immediately see what the final product will look like through a 3D rendering. When your bespoke bag is ready it is shipped directly to your doorstep. 

Bamford Watch Department

For the past 15 years Bamford Watch Department has been customising and remodelling iconic timepieces made by the likes of Rolex, Tag Heuer and Zenith. It all started when George Bamford turned up to a party proudly wearing a Rolex Daytona only to find everyone wearing the same watch.  

When he got home he took an old Rolex Submariner apart and customised it. He says the first time we wore it he got 25 orders and so the business was born. At first it was an ad hoc service, people came to him with their watches they wanted customising, but since then the company has grown and its not just watches that he’s designing.

Now you can build-your-own timepiece via his website and select the colour of the various element that make up the watch, add your initials or engraving and what colour the casing is for a unique piece.  

To learn more about having a luxury Katherine Hooker piece custom-made for you get in touch with our team at Katherine Hooker. 

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